Abuse Policy

At twai.io, we provide comprehensive content delivery solutions, encompassing hosting and delivery of user files. While we prioritize user privacy and autonomy, we remain committed to addressing instances of abuse or inappropriate content.

If you’re a copyright holder or need to report illegal or inappropriate content distributed via twai.io, please utilize the abuse report form on this page. Your concerns will be promptly addressed by our dedicated team.

I report Illegal content Phishing & malware Violent threats and harassment Copyright infringement Child pornography DMCA violations to twai.io

Our Online Service Safe

At Twai.io, we take online safety seriously. Report any abusive behavior or violations of our terms of service here. Your reports help us maintain a secure environment for all users. "Zero Tolerance for Abuse

Zero Tolerance for Abuse

We have a zero-tolerance policy against abuse, harassment, and malicious activities on our platform. Your reports are crucial in ensuring that Twai.io remains a safe and welcoming space for everyone

Speak Up Against Abuse

Abuse affects us all. If you encounter any abusive content, behavior, or activities on Twai.io, don't hesitate to speak up. Your reports empower us to take swift action and uphold our community standards.

What can you report?

Illegal Content

Report any content that violates laws or regulations. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal activities.

Child Pornography

Protect the vulnerable. Help us eradicate child exploitation by reporting any instances of child pornography immediately.

Phishing & Malware

Safeguard against cyber threats. Report suspicious links, phishing attempts, or malware to prevent potential harm to our community.

Violent Threats and Harassment

Ensure a safe environment. Speak up against violent threats, harassment, or intimidation. Together, we can foster a respectful community.

Copyright Infringement & DMCA Violations

Respect intellectual property. Report any instances of copyright infringement or DMCA violations to uphold creators' rights and maintain ethical standards.

What can we do?

Upon verifying a report, we’ll promptly relay comprehensive abuse notifications to the respective users. In cases of non-compliance or recurring violations, we may, under relevant circumstances, restrict access to the content.

To ensure effective resolution, please provide detailed information when submitting a report, as incomplete requests may result in rejection.